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On our service side Baker Timber Products have a number of forestry services that land managers can utilize,  whether it is private, state, tribal or federal ground.  Our logging and thinning operations provide you with the tools to thin properties to a prescription that best fits your land and your needs.  Contact us to look at your property, tell us your needs, and we can show you how we can help.


Our grinder is a horizontal grinder and can be used to reduce slash piles and tree piles into a ground "chip" that can be utilized as a landscape mulch or spread out on the ground.  It can also be utilized by landfills for grinding yard waste, pallets and other wood wastes.  This method reduces the need to burn piles and all the hazards associated with that process.

We have a road building operation, where we build roads for Forest Service logging projects.  We have also built roads for housing developments and single family road projects.  Although we do not pave these roads we do lay gravel down to your specifications.
Whether its putting a road through a forested area or up-grading an existing road,  we would be glad to look at your project to see how we can be of service.

Baker Timber Products has the resources available to treat the mountain pine beetle, and other bugs that are killing trees in this area.  We can use the "cut and chunk" method, where we cut the infected tree down and cut it up into small chunks and leave it lay on the ground.  A more thorough method is to cut the tree down and haul off what is salvageable and grind the rest. This is a very affective method of killing the mountain pine beetle and helping to slow down their spread.  Lastly it should be pointed out that thinning your property is one of the best methods of keeping the spread of the mountain pine beetle in check.  Please call for further information.
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